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360° View of William's Gate, GalwayMacnas Parade at J.F.K. Memorial ParkWilliam Street

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Corbett Court and Eyre Square Shopping MallJust off Eyre Square we come to William's Gate. On the right from our viewpoint we see Corbett Court, which is part of the Eyre Square Shopping Mall. Inside the mall you will find parts of the old medieval city wall, with fortifications and an indoor market, in addition to the many shops.

Fallers of Galway Jewelry

On the left side from our viewpoint is Fallers of Galway, which produce Claddagh rings and are purveyors of fine Irish crafts and crystal.


Ming Garden Chinese RestaurantThe Ming Garden Restaurant on the intersection with Eglinton Street is possibly Ireland's finest Chinese Restaurant. In Eglinton Street you will also find the Galway Main Post Office.


The ancient winding streets of Galway reflect an era of hundreds of years ago...

Paul Kelly  in Shop Street, click to MAGNIFY!Paul Kelly has revived the ancient art of playing the hurdy-gurdyStreaming Real Audio. The hurdy-gurdy, which is a type of fiddle, dates from the 10th century.

Unusually, in this instrument the strings are not sounded by a bow, but by the rosined rim of a wooden wheel. It creates a haunting, beautiful sound on its one or two melody strings.

Hurdy Gurdy, click here to MAGNIFY!The instrument was popular with folk and street musicians until the 20th century. Joseph Haydn composed a number of concerti and nocturnes for a variety of the hurdy-gurdy. Listen to the instrument by clicking here and pressing the start button.

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