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Galway Cathedral Seen straight ahead is Galway Cathedral situated on a small peninsula in the River Corrib.

National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)To the left is the Tower of the University College Galway. The University plays a major role in the life of Galway as 12.000 of its 60.000 inhabitants are students.

Ballybrit Racecourse On the far left we see the grandstand of the Ballybrit Racecourse. Galway is host to a major horse racing event every first week of August.

St. Nicholas Church Spire The spire of St. Nicholas Church is seen at the right-hand side of the cathedral. Built in ca. 1320 this is the church were Christopher Columbus is said to have prayed, several years prior to setting sail for the New World.

University Hospital GalwayOn the right of St. Nicholas Church we spot Galway's University hospital. It's possibly Galway's largest building and features many state of the art facilities.

Looking further to the right, Salthill, Galway Bay and the mountains of County Clare come into view.

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