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-Market day at St. Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway 440kb

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St. Nicholas Collegiate ChurchThe market at St. Nicholas Church has a long history. Located just off busy Shop Street it is well worth a visit on Saturday mornings. My visit here happened in the early afternoon, when most traders already were ready to leave.

If you walk around the left-hand side of the church you reach the Lynch Memorial.

The Lynch Memorial (detail), click here to MAGNIFY!The tale is told that in 1493 the residing Mayor of Galway hanged his own condemned son, as no henchman could be found to carry out this sentence. The Mayors name was 'Lynch', hence the term 'to lynch someone' originated (it is rumored).

The Lynch Memorial Window, click here to MAGNIFY!Inscription of Lynch memorial, click to MAGNIFY!In the 19th century the people of Galway restored an old memorial to Mayor Lynch in the railings of St. Nicholas Church. Click on the picture on the right to read the inscription...

Market TraderWhether you are on the market out of curiosity or by chance, be sure to take a look around. You might find the one or other unusual item not available in the Highstreet.

This market being on the steps of St. Nicholas I'll take the opportunity to take you inside this historical church with one or two surprises in store...

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