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360°View of the Macnas Parade in J.F.K. Memorial Park, GalwayJ.F.K. Memorial Park, aka. Eyre Square

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Summer With the Leprechauns : A True Story.  Ten years ago, Tanis Helliwell, a corporate consultant who also leads tours to sacred sites, spent a summer in Ireland and was befriended by a Leprechaun. His urgent message for humanity: "Humans are harming our own environment and theirs." With charming style and humor, Ms. Helliwell recounts the instructions from the Leprechaun on how humans can interact with elemental beings, as well as revealing the fascinating relationship she developed with this delightful fellow.

A little crow, click to MAGNIFY!

Carnival do Brazil visits Galway, click to MAGNIFY!

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Lady is fanning herself, click to MAGNIFY!Once a year Eyre Square appears transformed into an enchanted meeting place for leprechawns, banshees and other phantastic creatures, before they set off on their merry way through Galway City.


Macnas drummers, click to MAGNIFY!seen at the Galway Macnas Parade: click here to MAGNIFY! The Galway Arts Festival attracts more than 80.000 people each year to the city and the festival's most popular event is the free parade by the local community theater company, Macnas.

The mission statement of Macnas proclaims: "We hope to make fun and have fun on a grand scale and amongst ourselves."

Dervish, click to MAGNIFY!Each year sees a different theme in the parade, with the theme for the year 2000 having been 'Listening Wind'. Hence anything connected with 'Wind' was picked up by the participating groups.

Bird of Paradise, click here to MAGNIFY! Many exotic birds were seen, flocking together before setting off on their parade through the City. It's estimated that about 50.000 spectators lined the streets in 2000 to watch their passage.

click here to launch Macnas ImpressionsListenStereo Streaming Real Audio to impressions from the Macnas parade. You'll see and hear the Devil asking for a kiss, the energetic drums of Macnas and Lindbergh's countdown for take-off and much more....

Please Stereo Streaming Real Audioclick here for more pictures and sounds.

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