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200° View of the Galway Harbor from Dock Street

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Lobster pot, click here to MAGNIFY!We are standing here at New Dock Street, looking towards the fish market and boats. These boats provide an never-ending supply of freshest ingredients for Galway's fine restaurants. A large steel trawler is visible on your left. You'll also see the remains of the old harbor masters office.

FishmarketThe fish market is located in this hall, where every morning (and throughout the day) the nights catch is offered for sale. If you bought yourself a fish there you might like to put it in a fridge. You can read up on one mans travels around Ireland with a fridge (should you decide to take the fish home with you as a souvenir) by clicking here.

Scottish wooden fishing boats, click here to MAGNIFY!Many of the wooden fishing boats we see here are built in Scotland. These have a good reputation amongst the local skippers, as they are rugged and seaworthy to withstand the sometimes severe storms off the Irish Atlantic Coast.

Parking fine, click here to MAGNIFY!Irish skippers occasionally struggle to leave port to go fishing. The reason is sometimes the missing crew, which gets lost in the local pub. Certain superstitions exist among fishermen. One is that no woman should ever be invited aboard to sleep in a bunk bed. This is another reason the crew often goes missing.

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