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150° View of the walk alongside the River CorribMarketday at St. Nicholas

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-The Walk along River Corrib, Galway 160kb

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click to MAGNIFY! This scenic walk stretches from the Longwalk to the Salmon Weir. It's a good place to escape the occasional hustle and bustle of Galway City and relax.

click to MAGNIFY!Galway grew up around a castle which was built by the De Burgo family in the 13th century. In the following centuries Galway grew and prospered by doing much trade with Spain and France. Strong links with these countries remain to this day.

click to MAGNIFY!The medieval nature of Galway has recently been amplified with the introduction of pedestrianisation in many of its streets. Probably the best way to explore the the cities sights is on foot.

Here, when we continue this walk, we reach the Salmon Weir...

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