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360° View of Quay Street, GalwayCross StreetMainguard Street

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The Bodhran Makers:  Every January the farmers celebrate the Celtic ancestry with a festival of singing, drinking and music made with the Bodhran (a drum made from goat skin). This year there's confrontation from the parish priest charging "paganism".

44 Irish Short Stories

-Quay Street, Galway 456kb

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Antique coffee machine, click here to MAGNIFY!Quay Street is the place to go to in Galway for good food and good 'craic'. The later word 'craic' is an Irish expression meaning 'having an excellent time'. The range of food and drink on offer is wide and varied. Being a sea town Galway offers the freshest lobster and salmon, as well as excellent meats from the surrounding rural areas.


Kenny's bookshop, click here to MAGNIFY!Culture in Ireland is synonymous with arts and literature. Kenny's Bookshop and Art Gallery has a large selection of authors and rare prints available for your perusal.


click here to listen In the heart of Galway's Latin Quarter food is plenty and entertainment often free. Many of the pubs and restaurants feature live music, which makes jukeboxes a rarity.
In the lively multicultural atmosphere it's not unusual to hear Streaming Real Audio the sounds of authentic Cajun music. Listen by clicking here.

Barbershop window, click to MAGNIFY!Visitors to Ireland may notice the occasionally quirky and always delightful shop windows. This barber's window is found at the end of Quay Street, towards the direction of the harbor. Never before have Laurel and Hardy been as well groomed...

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