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-Interior of St. Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway 909kb

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Irish Stained Glass: The Transfiguration Window from 1946, click to MAGNIFY!You are looking into the chancel (point 10 on the Church Plan), which is the oldest part of St. Nicholas Collegiate Church.

Dedicated to Saint Nicholas (aka. Santa Claus), patron Saint of Sailors, the church was built in 1320 AD on the site of an earlier chapel.
Notice the canopied 'Bishop's Seat'.

A Pocket History of Gaelic CultureChristopher Columbus is believed to have worshipped in St. Nicholas in 1477. Galway might have been the place where Columbus heard first of the tales of Saint Brendan the Navigator.

The Irish monk believed to have discovered Paradise on his sea journeys in the 6th century. Some scholars say that it could have been America. Columbus may have been inspired by these tales when he set sail for the New World in 1492.

Stained Glass Tryptich, click here to MAGNIFY! The stained glass windows of the chancel are in memory of members of the Persse and Fleetwood-Berry families.
Both East and West windows date from the late 19th century, of German origin. More windows from the chancel you will find in the left column of this page.

Chapel Of ChristTurning right we see the entrance to the Chapel of Christ which contains the 'Crusaders Tomb' from the 13th or 14th century (12). It came possibly from a nearby chapel of the Knights Templar which was destroyed in 1324.

Battle Standards of the Connaught RangersTwo banners hanging on either side of the entrance to The Blessed Sacrament Chapel are battle standards of the Connaught Rangers, used during the Peninsular Wars (1808-1814) (3).

First World War Memorial Celtic CrossThe Celtic cross is a memorial to various parishioners who died during the First World War (2).Mystery objects, click to MAGNIFY!

These objects have not been identified as to their exact origin and purpose, but are believed to have been part of a throne which was carried by pallbearers.

The Church Choir of Old St. Patrick's Church, ChicagoListenStreaming Real Audio
to 'Land of Ancient Green' and 'Breastplate' arranged to a traditional Irish tune by Steve Ehrenfried. It is performed by the Concert Church Choir of Old Saint Patrick's in Chicago and accompanied by members of the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra.

The concert was held in St. Nicholas Collegiate Church on occasion of the Galway Arts Festival on July 23 2000.

To listen please Streaming Real Audioclick here.

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